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Dior Norf is a Northern Irish rapper and producer specializing in Trap/Hip-Hop with features on other alternative genres.


Born in the city Belfast, Dior spent most of his teenage years building a name for himself making music. In 2017 Dior moved to North London and joined The Blackfish Experience, a collective of Irish and English artists based in London. He began by releasing solo tracks on Soundcloud eventually releasing his debut single and music video ’Niggaz Mad’ on all platforms.


Now working alongside producers Tribal Ting and Eulogy, Dior produced and released his first Album ‘Bad Cali’ in February 2020. Features on the album include Mega, Tribal Ting, Tapes44, PRNCSS, and Eulogy. As he works with more artists and new ways to collaborate, Dior Norf continues to climb the ladder.

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